Welcome to the Blue Rhythm experience!

Blue Rhythm is the ultimate party/dance band that guarantees an engaging and fun experience 100% of the time. Born out of the highly successful national band, D'ivine Play, Blue Rhythm has helped mold and already successful show to next level status. Members of Blue Rhythm have toured on cruise ships, made appearances on BET's 106 and park, played for the Saints, as well as play with some major acts such as Snarky Puppy.


Interactive, high energy, pristine vocals, and attention to detail... these are just a few ways to truly describe what Blue Rhythm brings to the table. Weddings, corporates, Mardi Gras balls, and much more. They do it all with a high level of excellency only known the top bands in the nation.

Book Blue Rhythm today and remember it as one of the best choices you made for your party for years to come!